Safety Box Malaysia

SAFETY BOX MALAYSIA is your High-Quality Safe Boxes and Safety Box Supplier in Malaysia with 20 years of experience. Our Safe Boxes and Safety Box are trusted by many Malaysians in their homes because of its structure, equipped with an extreme lock system for security. Therefore, Safety Box and Safe Boxes at Safety Box Malaysia are extremely durable and solid at their core frame structure.


Our Steel Safety Box and Safe Boxes will deter unwanted intruders. This is because it is impossible to penetrate as our Safety Box and Safe Boxes are either too thick, multiple wall layers, and fire proofed. Moreover, our Safety Box and Safe Boxes are all certified and tested.

Office Safety Boxes


If you are looking for Safety Boxes to place at your Office that is near me or you, Safety Box Malaysia has the perfect design to match your Office.

This is why we make sure we have the largest variety of Safety Boxes.

Our safety and security standard is #1 taking into consideration of your Safe Boxes Design and frame structure.

Each Safety Box hinge is anti-rust with high-quality stainless steel material.

Room Safe Boxes


Our Safe Boxes will blend in after your beautiful designer Condominium and Room at Home. We are always looking to bring you the latest designs for your Condominium and Room Safe Boxes at Home.

It is important to blend your Safe Box so that it is not so noticeable. In a way to create a higher level of safety standards.

It is at our heart to bring you peace of mind while working and being with your family. Ultimately, we bring this through our secured Safety Box locks.

Modern Safety Box


If you are looking for a modern style Safe Box with Security, we have the best Safety Box option for you.

Our team of engineers and designers has a range of safety box designs lined up for you. Introducing our Korean Modern Safety Box with Digital Lock Security.

Red Safety Box, Pink Safety Box, Green Safety Box and the list goes on.

We are your #1 Safety Box Supplier in Malaysia to look for.


Why choose our Safety Box and Safe Boxes?

safety box for personal records

When it comes to your personal records, you want to make sure it is safe. Our Personal Records Safe Box comes in 7 sizes, called the mini banker.

This Safe Box is provides a burglary and fire-resistant protection for your personal records.

This Safety Box comes with standard adjustable steel shelves to suit your personal needs.

Inspired by minimalist Safety Box designs. DuoGuard is the best Safe Box for your Treasured Memories.

Our beautiful Safety Box designs along with tested safety standards makes us #1 Safe Box Supplier in Malaysia.

Holding on to a love letter or important documents? This Safe Box is tested to withstand fire up to one hour.

safe boxes for treasured memories​
safety boxes for valuables

When you have Valuables you want to protect, come to Safety Box Malaysia.

Our Viper Safety Box has all that you need to protect your Valuables.

In addition to that, we deliver Quality Box for your maximum security and comfort.


External size of Safety Boxes:
200H x 430W x 350D

Internal size of Safety Boxes:
190H x 420W x 300D

Compact, great as Hotel Rooms Safety Boxes, Student Accommodation Safety Boxes. Although small, these safety boxes are made of Steel Door with a dual plated steel moving boltwork.


External size of Safe Boxes:
690H x 600W x 561D

Internal size of Safe Boxes:
590H x 500W x 386D

These Medium Safe Boxes are certified Burglary protection. On top of that, these Medium Safe Boxes are one-hour fire protected and torch resistant while being light weighted.


External size of Safety Box:
1150H x 600W x 561D

Internal size of Safety Box:
1050H x 500W x 386D

This Large Safety Box is burglary and fire-resistant protected. It is not only large but this Safety Box has a three-way boltwork made from solid steel bolts. Deters drilling as it has active relocker to withstand burglary.